The original Taunton Cider Company traced its roots back to a farmers’ cooperative from the early 19th Century.   Following the Second World War it would grow to become the second largest cider company in the United Kingdom, known for products such as Blackthorn and Diamond White.   It was eventually bought out and subsumed into a large multi-national drinks company, and the Taunton Cider Company had seemingly disappeared forever.

However, in 2016 a group of cider enthusiasts discovered that the rights to the name Taunton Cider Company were available, and better yet, that the original Taunton-area orchards that had supplied the original company were in a position to supply apples.   The result is a reborn Taunton Cider Company.   Here at the Ilminster Bookshop, we’re very pleased that we’ll shortly be stocking three Taunton Cider Company products, their Medium, Dry, and Heritage ciders.  Look for them on our shelves some time next week.

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