For the past few years, one of our strongest selling lines have been the British Library Publishing Crime Classics, beautifully produced reprints of crime novels from the mid-20th Century and before.   I’m not an avid reader of crime fiction, but I do like my Sci-Fi, so I was pretty chuffed when I discovered that BL had decided to embark on a series of Science Fiction Classics.   The first two books in the series have now been published, and we’re very pleased to have them in stock.   Moonrise:  The Golden Age of Lunar Adventures, and Lost Mars:  The Golden Age of the Red Planet are anthologies of early Sci Fi stories about those two worlds written mostly before the start of the Space Race.  Some are by very well known Sci-Fi authors, but many are by relative unknowns.   Like the Crime Classics, they have beautifully illustrated covers and will make a fine addition to your bookshelf.   I know they’ll be finding their way onto mine.

Of course, if Sci-Fi isn’t to your taste, we have plenty of other light, summer-time reading for you to enjoy in your back yard, on the beach on at the camp site.  Why not drop in and check out our offerings.

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