It’s said that we all have one book within us.  But the hardest bit is getting it published.  While self-publishing is always an option nowadays, many aspiring authors may not want to go that route, preferring to find a publisher to handle the proofing, printing, and marketing.  But how to improve your chances of getting your manuscript accepted in an ever more cut throat industry?

The Ilminster Literary Festival recently hosted well-known author Fay Weldon, whose bibliography includes such well known books as The Life and Loves of a She Devil, and the Love & Inheritance Trilogy.   Now Fay has written a book addressing the problems that every new (and perhaps not-so-new) author faces in persuading a publisher to take up their work.  Whether it’s problems with the book itself, or problem with its presentation to the publisher, Ms Weldon takes the hopeful author through the steps necessary to improve his or her chances at reaching that goal.

Why Will No-one Publish my Novel will be available as of 12th July 2018.  RRP  £12.00.

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